Please post the following on the announcements tab

Please Email your Music Files to

Music Files should be in MP3 format.

Your File Name Should be in this format
Day-Item Number - Item Name - Choreographer Name
Example: Saturday - Item no 2 - Thillana - XXXX

Slides (if you need to have them projected in the background):

1. Slides need to be in powerpoint format (.pptx), 1080p+ resolution and standard powerpoint slide size
2. Operations team will be hitting the play when music starts and will not be changing slides during the item.
3. Any transitions of slides should be built into the presentation (example: change to slide 2 after 1m:30s, etc.

4. Only .pptx formats will be accepted (No video or other slide formats) 5. Naming convention will be similar to music files so we can relate to the items.

Please keep a Backup Copy of your audio file handy on the day of your performance to avoid any surprises.