Competition Entries

To provide ample opportunity for creativity, we are offering the following Competitions this year. Details below include descriptions, ages and time limits. All Competition entries must have a minimum of 4 participants and all participants must be available both days to perform. Detailed rules are listed below and on our Web page.

Competition General Rules:

  • These rules are in addition to the rules in the General Entries except some that are changed/superseded below
  • Competitions in each category will be held if the minimum number of entries received.
  • All performances in competitions should have to have a minimum of four participants.
  • The age group will be based on the oldest participant in the category for that competition.
  • Please pay close attention to the time duration, age restrictions and any other requirements as described.
  • All participants must be available to perform on both days as competitions can be scheduled on either day
  • No singing performances unless accompanied by dances or used in dance drama competition.
  • The cultural committee's decision will be final in accepting the entries.
  • The Judges? decisions are final for all competitions.
    1. Sky is the Limit

    2. Ages: 5-8; Time: 6 min max

      • We are looking to see the dance performances that portray the songs with the theme on moon, sun and /or stars.
      • Choose age appropriate songs in any language that have words related to these celestial bodies for the performance. Examples- Chanda, Chandni, Chandoba, Sooraj, Tare, Sitare, Kiran, Surya, Ravi, Nakshatram, etc.
      • Musical composition showing the theme in appropriate manner is allowed.
      • Sky is the limit when thinking of choreography, beautiful costumes, dances, creative props and the music for this competition.

    3. Ek Shaam Diye ke Naam

    4. Ages: 9-13; Time: 8 min max

      • Performance should be in the form of dance on the songs based on Deepak, Lamps, Diya, Deepam, Deevo, Roshni, etc. Performances may include famous musical compositions.
      • The performance should have high entertaining value with best dance moves.
      • Songs should not have any inappropriate words and meanings.
      • Any songs or music that shows festivities in Indian culture are highly encouraged but not required.
      • Think outside the box. Few examples but not limited to- Ray of hope, Rising above the fear, Not giving up, Voice against bullying, Encouragement, Girl Power, Gruha Pravesh, Auspicious occasions and so on.
      • Use of costumes showing some form of Deepak or Lights are highly recommended.
      • Beautiful and creative props depicting sparkling lights along with sparkling choreography are highly anticipated for this competition.

    5. Ek Veer, Dooja Bir

    6. Age: 14 years and up. Time Limit: 8 min max

      • Show your best dance moves with mind blowing choreography on the songs that are from movies starring Ranbir Kapoor and/or Ranveer Singh.
      • Usage of props and great costumes are highly encouraged. Overall Entertainment factor should be the highest priority.
      • We request to send your choice of songs ahead of time to keep the repetition of songs to the minimum.

    7. Folk Dance Competitions (Two age groups)

    8. Group A: Ages 8-13, Group B: Ages 14 and up
      Time: 8 min max

      • Show your love for folk dance and choreography using two or more folk dances styles from the same region or more than one region.
      • Please choose songs to show 2 or more regional dance forms. Movie songs are allowed.
      • Looking forward to seeing your smart talents for Folk dances with bright costumes, appropriate music and pretty props

    9. Stories of Shiva and/or Shakti

    10. Ages: All ages from 6 and above; Time: 12 min max

      • Show us your mesmerizing talents in the form of dance drama in this competition depicting the powerful story/stories of Shiva or Shakti or both.
      • There are many stories of Shiva for example -Ardhanarishwar, Jalandhar, Neelkanth, Mahakaal, Natraj and many more.
      • There are many stories and forms of Shakti for example ? Gentle Uma, Durga, Kaali, Gauri, Sati, Ambaa and so on.
      • The performance can be on one story or multiple stories. Any episode(s) from the many forms of Lords Shiva and Shakti can be depicted.
      • Show your creativity on the stage using best music, choreography, costumes and props.
      • Audience should be captivated and be able to understand the stories. Overall performance should be one of a kind and memorable.
      • The performance should be filled with creative props, Brilliant music choice, super choreographed dances and creative costumes are highly anticipated.

    All competition entries will allow for appropriate setup time in addition to entry times given above.

    Please send your questions, concerns and ideas to We will reply within 48 hours. We are looking forward to another year of scintillating costumes and spectacular performances.