Competition Entries

The Cultural team is very excited to see the choreographers and participants present talents to the best of their abilities. We are looking forward to a fun filled, energetic, competitive and innovative performances while adhering to the spirit of the festival.

Rules for Competition Entries

  • These rules are in addition to the rules in the General Entries except some that are changed/superseded below.
  • All items should have a minimum of 4 participants
  • All performers in each competition category have to be available to perform on both days and entirety of the FOI program.
  • The age is based on the oldest participant in the group.
  • Please pay attention to time limits. Time will be recorded by time keeper. Points are deducted from the overall score if time limit is exceeded. Judges decision will be final.
  • Please read all rules and required criteria before submitting entries.
  • All competition in each category will be held if minimum number of established number of entries is received.
  • Following are the competitions for this year including the descriptions and limits

  • "Paani Re Paani": We are looking to see sweet performances that portrays “Water”. Instrumental and/or dance choreography based on the theme of water is required. Choose age appropriate songs that has words related to water for the performance. Examples: sea, dariya, samunder, nadiya, river, ocean, raindrops, barsaat, barish, bunde etc. Show us the best moves those tiny feet can do on the stage using the creative costumes and mind blowing props on the melodious songs.
  • Ages: 5-8; Time: 6 min max; Minimum of 4 participants

  • "Can't stop that Beat": Show us your best dance moves on the songs or instrumental melodies from films that are all time popular, peppy and that radiates high energy. The performance should have super entertaining value, best looking unique costumes and artistic props. Performances may include famous musical composition. Songs should not have any cursing or inappropriate words and meanings. Any songs or music that shows festivities in Indian culture are highly encouraged but not required.
  • Ages: 9-13; Time: 8 min max; Minimum of 4 participants

  • "Old is the New Gold": Show us the best Dance Moves. Choose songs from old and new films. Perform on old songs with new dance style and newer songs (anything after year 2000) with older dance style. Both styles must be shown as the part of the performance. Wow us with the out of the box creativity, choice of songs, music , filmy style costumes, props and superior entertaining dance moves.
  • Ages: 14 Years & above: Time: 8 min maximum, Minimum of 4 participants

  • "Folk competition": Choose folk songs from regional languages or from movies and show the Indian folk dances with vibrant colors. Mixing of more than one folk style is allowed. Emphasize on costumes, typical folk dances and props.
  • Ages: a. 8-13 and b. 14 and up; Time: 8 min max; Minimum of 4 participants

  • "Our Shiny Star": Pick any character from Indian culture and show it in the form of dance drama. The character can be religious, mythical, historical, patriotic or any famous folk entity. Examples: Story of Krishna, Meera, Pandurang, Akbar, Gandhi ji etc. or any regional character. Show the story with creative props, costumes and artistic performance. Movie songs or scenes are allowed. Any episode of the life of the character or the whole life span can be shown. The audience should be captivated by the story line of the character.
  • Ages: All ages from 6 and above; Time: 15 min max; Minimum of 4 participants.