Welcome to 2018 Festival of India Cultural Events

The Festival of India Cultural Committee is preparing for another Blazing Cultural Program for Festival of India on September 29th & 30th, 2018.

We invite all participants, teachers, choreographers, parents to be part of this highly attended exciting event. This year like always, we are expecting to see the amazing talents of our Community and the innovative items of our wonderful choreographers. Every year, we get to watch a great variety of Classical, Semi-Classical and Contemporary dances and cannot wait to see what we have for this year.

In an effort to provide ample opportunity for creativity, we decided to offer following competitions in addition to the regular performances.

  • Innocent Feet (Ages 5-8 years): Choose sweet and upbeat baalgeet (Children’s songs) in any language and perform the group dance.
  • Got dance? (Ages: 6-13): Divide the participants into at least two teams and show who is better or different! Example: choose songs that show battle between girls and boys OR “young” and “Not so young”.
  • Romance in Cinema (Ages 14 and above): Indian cinema is big on romantic songs. Show your creativity in performance on the stage using famous romantic songs from movies.
  • Folk competition(Age Groups: 8-13 and 14 and up): Choose folk songs from regional languages or from movies and show the Indian folk dances with vibrant colors
  • Storytime (Ages: All ages from 6 and above): Pick any story from Indian culture and show it in the form of dance drama.
  • Hope you are as excited to perform as we are to witness the magic happen. Please head on to other pages for rules on General and Competition Entries and when you are ready, complete the Entry form along with the required fee.

    Program Entry Fee Schedule (per item)
    On time (by 9/15)Late (9/16-9/21)
    Regular Entry $25 $25
    Specific Day Request (Regular Entries Only) Add Extra $25 $25
    Competition Add Extra $25 N/A

    Be sure to check this site for regular updates.

    Chetan Mehta (Cultural Director) and the Entire Cultural Team