Welcome to 2019 Festival of India Cultural Events

The Festival of India Cultural Committee is preparing for another Blazing Cultural Program for Festival of India on September 21st & 22nd, 2019 at Greater Richmond Convention Center.

We invite all participants, teachers, choreographers, parents to be part of this highly attended exciting event. This year like always, we are expecting to see the amazing talents of our Community and the innovative items of our wonderful choreographers. Every year, we get to watch a great variety of Classical, Semi-Classical and Contemporary dances and cannot wait to see what we have for this year.

This year, in an effort to provide ample opportunity for creativity, we are offering following competitions in addition to the regular performances. Please make sure to read Rules page for both general and competition entries carefully.

  • Paani re Paani (Ages 5-8 years): Choose songs that depicts water in any form.
  • Canít stop that Beat (Ages: 9-13): Choose songs that are fast, upbeat and were exceptionally popular.
  • Old is the New Gold (Ages 14 and above): Indian cinema is well known for dance styles. Dance on songs from old era with new dance style and newer songs with older styles.
  • Folk competition(Age Groups: a. 8-13 and b.14 and up): Choose folk songs from regional languages or from movies and show the Indian folk dances with vibrant colors
  • Our Shiny Star (Ages: 6 and above): Pick any famous character (historical, mythical, political, religious) from Indian culture and show their life or famous episodes in the form of dance drama.
  • Fee Structure:

  • General Entry Fee - $25
  • Competition Entry Fee - $50
  • General entry with a Specific Day Request Fee (applicable to entries received on or before 09/07) - $50
  • Late entries received on or after 09/08 - $25 in addition to the general entry or the competition entry fee listed above
  • late entries will not have specific day request option
  • Competition entries will not have specific day request option.
  • Be sure to check this site for regular updates.

    Please send all inquiries to the cultural team at 2019foicultural@gmail.com

    Chetan Mehta (Cultural Director] 804 536 5093
    Murali Chemudupati, Smita Jain, Bina Mehta, Sangeeta Patel, Ravi Tamma, Probodh Chiplunkar