Rules and Regulations for all entries for 2016:

Please Read all the Rules and Notes carefully before filling out the form and paying the dues. The Cultural Committee's decision on acceptance of the entries will be FINAL.

For ALL Entries:

* Please Submit entries by Saturday 09/10/16, 11:59 PM via entry forms on the website only. Last date to submit general entry form with late fees is Thursday 09/15/16, 11:59 PM. This is the FINAL deadline for submission of all entries.

* Fill out the entry form in its entirety for each performance separately.

* Unpaid Entries will not be considered at all.

* Please do not send Entries through emails or phone calls as they will not be considered.

* Check the form carefully and pay dues accordingly. No Refunds, Exchanges or cancellation for any reason.

* All general entries have a time limit of 6 minutes including prep time.

* Group performances are strongly recommended. No solo performances and No Singing will be allowed.

* All participants in general category should be of age 6 and above.

* Please Do not submit singing and/or recital entries.

* All participants are expected to perform on both days unless extra fees are paid to perform on a specific day or one day only. All participants should be available for the entirety of the program.

* Specific days to perform can be requested at an additional fee. If no additional fee is paid then the participants are expected to perform on both days. Specific time requests will NOT be considered. It is expected to be present for the entire time of the FOI on your requested day. Please do not email us with time specific requests. Those emails will not be answered.

* Choreographer and participants can only take part in two items per category. There will be no schedule preference given to participants who take part in same competition category.

Additional Information below for Competition Entries: All the rules mentioned above are in general to be followed and specific rules for competition are below:

* Pre-approval of your item by Cultural team is required before submitting the form. Please email a brief description of your item (including songs) to avoid duplication. Make sure to receive approval for all songs before starting practice. Failure to do so may restrict your item from a particular competition.

* All performers in each competition category have to be available to perform on both days and for the entirety of the FOI programs.

* The age group category is based on the oldest participant in the group. Each entry should have minimum of four participants.

* All competition entries in each category will be held only if a minimum number of established entries are received.

* Please pay attention to time limits. Time will be strictly recorded by time keeper. Points are deducted from the overall scores if time limit is exceeded.

* Please read all the rules and required criteria before submitting entries.

1.     “Come Fly with me” (Ages 5-8 Years): Maximum Time Limit - 6 minutes. Choose songs/music that will show anything that is related to flying such as birds, bees, butterflies, planes, sky, and clouds but not limited to these. Think outside the box to express flying. Show your talent using best costumes and props. All songs and music should be age appropriate. Send your selections of songs beforehand to avoid repetition. Entries may get rejected if songs are repeated.

2.     “Kapoors and Khans” (Ages 9-13 Years): Maximum Time Limit - 8 minutes. Pick a song or mixture of songs of famous Khans and Kapoors in the movie and/or art industry. Usage of props and costumes is expected. Show the best dance moves, costumes, props and choreography and synchronization of the group with entertaining results. We are expecting a “wow” factor from this age group. Think an innovative way to show the Kapoor’s and Khan’s influence in the movies to entertain the audience.

Send your selections of songs beforehand to avoid repetition. Entries may get rejected if songs are repeated.

3.     “Baaje Payal ChhamChham” (Ages 13 Years and up): Maximum Time Limit - 8 minutes

Show the sounds of anklets or payal, bells or ghunghroo in Indian films or Indian arts through the choreographed dance. The selection of songs may accompany these words and/or must have these sounds. We are expecting amazing choreography, costumes, props, great choice of music, artistic innovation and entertaining value in this theme.

Send your selections of songs beforehand to avoid repetition. Entries may get rejected if songs are repeated.

4.     “Happiness is…” (Ages 6 Years and above): Maximum Time Limit - 10 minutes and 2 minutes of preparation.

Show your interpretation of Happiness in the form of dance drama. This is for all mixed ages. Express your group’s message for what Happiness is to the audience with the usage of music, dance, drama, costumes and props. This can be any form of celebration, personal happiness or happiness in general in the world. Make sure the message or definition of Happiness is clearly understood by the performance. Send your selections of songs beforehand to avoid repetition. Entries may get rejected if songs are repeated

5. Folk dance competition: (Age 13 Years and up): Maximum Time Limit - 8 minutes

Please show your dance and choreography talents by dancing on melodious folk songs of India. Show the traditional folk lore with vibrant costumes and props. Send your selections of songs beforehand to avoid repetition. Entries may get rejected if songs are repeated

6. College Competition: Maximum Time Limit - 8 minutes

Any college team can participate. Minimum participant has to be 6. All participants should be the current students of the representing college. Any dance teams like folk, fusion, Bollywood or any musical group are welcome.


Again, please send song selection before starting practices to avoid rejection.

2016 Cultural Team


* Failure to report half an hour before the scheduled time of your item will disqualify the item from the competition.

* Please Pay extra attention to what is asked on the form before filling out and submitting.

* Please pay attention to spellings. Please provide First and Last names of the participants.

* If performers are in more than one entry, please make sure you mention that with the name of the other item. Ask your participants beforehand about being in multiple entries and ask their item's name and choreographer's name. This will help minimize conflict at the time of scheduling. Failure to do so may end up in entries being scheduled back to back for that particular performer. To avoid cancellation of your performance on the day of the program, please consider this guideline carefully.

* Submit entries only after you are sure of the participant's availability to perform. Any changes after the submission of entries may or may not be included in the printed schedule.

* Please make sure that you receive a confirmation email of your entry within 48 hours. If not please send us an email.

* All participants are expected to report near the stage half an hour before their scheduled time. Failure to do so may end up in not being able to perform at all. There will be no refund if you cannot perform for any reason.

* Any changes in the names of the participants or any other details should be given in print to a cultural team member at the time of reporting near the stage.

* Participants, choreographer, teachers and group parents are expected to adhere to the cultural program. Please do not crowd the backstage area.

* Please visit the website regularly for updates.

* The FOI Cultural Committee reserves the right to reschedule or eliminate any entries.

* The cultural committee’s decision of acceptance of entries will be final.

* The tentative schedule will be posted on the website on Sunday 09/18/2016. Please report any Schedule corrections to the cultural team by Monday 09/19/2016, 5PM.

* Please Drop the CD’s with Sangita Patel/Ravi Tamma on Friday 09/23 at the Richmond Convention Center when you come for the Grand Rehearsal. If you are unable to drop the CD’s on Friday, it is your responsibility to ensure that you drop the CD’s with Sangita Patel (804- 852-0616)/Ravi Tamma (804-931- 8200) at least 2 hours prior to your item on Saturday/Sunday.

* The judge’s decision will be final for all competition Entries.

If there are any questions regarding the competitions, please email to

Fee for FOI Cultural Program:

Entry fees for Regular item will be $15.00 per item. If requesting to perform on specific day, then please add $25.00. Entry Fees for Competition Item is $40.00 per item. Performing on specific days’ requests not allowed for competition items. It is mandatory for all the participants to be available for entire program times for both days if entering for competition. Last day to submit the entry is Saturday, September 10th, 2016 at 11:59 PM. After that there will be a late entry fee of $25.00 for each submission until Thursday September 15th, 2016 at 11:59 PM. This is the final date of submission for entries.

If you have any questions, please call Chetan Mehta at 804-536-5093. Email:

Emails will be replied within 48 hours.


2016 Cultural Team