Rules and Regulations for all entries for 2018:

Please read carefully before filling out the form and paying the dues. The Cultural Committee’s decision on acceptance of all the entries will be final.

  • Submit entries by Sunday, 09/09/2018, 11:59 PM via entry forms on the website only. Last date to submit general entry with late fees is Sunday, 09/16/2018, 11:59PM.This is the final date for submission of all entries.
  • Fill out entry form in its entirety for each performance separately.
  • Pay the dues at the time of submission or the entries will not be considered at all.
  • Entries sent through emails or phone calls will not be considered for scheduling.
  • Check the form carefully and pay dues accordingly. There is no refund or exchanges. No refunds on cancellation for any reason.
  • Pay extra attention to what is asked on the form before filling it out and submitting.
  • Please pay attention to spellings. Please provide first and last names of all the participants.
  • All general entries have time limit of 6 min. Group performances are strongly recommended.
  • All participants in general entries should be of age 6 and above for all performances.
  • All are expected to perform both days unless paid extra fees to perform on specific day or one day only and should be available to the entirety of the program.
  • If performers are in more than one entry, please make sure you mention that with the name of their other item. Ask your participants beforehand about being in multiple entries and ask their item’s name and choreographer’s name. This will help with minimum conflict at the time of scheduling. Failure to do so may end up in entries scheduled back to back for that performer. Due to the tight schedule during the Festival the item may lose spot to perform.
  • Submit entries only after you are sure of the participant’s availability to perform. Any changes after the submission of entries may or may not be included in printed schedule and in emcees write up.
  • Specific days to perform can be requested at an additional cost. If no additional cost paid then has to be available for both days to perform. Specific time requests will not be considered. It is expected to be present for the entire time of the FOI on your requested day. Please do not email us with those time specific requests. Those emails will not be answered.
  • Please make sure that confirmation email of the entry has been received within 48 hours (not a receipt). If not, send us an email.
  • All participants are expected to report near the stage half an hour before their scheduled time. Failure to do so may end up in not being able to perform at all. There will be no refund if you cannot perform for any reason.
  • Any changes in names of the participants or any other details should be given in print to a Cultural team member at the time of reporting near the stage.
  • Participants for next 3 items should be near the stage.
  • Participants, choreographers, teachers and group parents are expected to adhere to the rules of the cultural program. Do not crowd near the stage.
  • Please visit the website regularly for updates. FOI Cultural Committee reserves the right to reschedule or eliminate any entries.
  • For Competition Entries: All the above rules in general to be followed and
  • All performers in each competition category have to be available to perform on both days and entirety of the FOI program.
  • The age is based on the oldest participant in the group. Each entry should have minimum of four participants.
  • All competition in each category will be held if minimum number of established number of entries is received.
  • Please pay attention to time limits. Time will be recorded by time keeper. Points are deducted from the overall score if time limit is exceeded. Judges decision will be final.
  • Please read all rules and required criteria before submitting entries.
  • “Innocent Feet”: Choose sweet and upbeat baalgeet in any language and perform the group dance. Children’s songs from movies or nursery rhymes are allowed. Any dance form or instrumental performance is allowed. No singing is allowed. Emphasize on costumes and props. Ages 5-8 years; Time: 6 min max. Minimum of 4 participants.
  • “Got dance?”: Divide the participants into at least two teams and show who is better or different! Example: choose songs that show battle between girls and boys OR “young” and “Not so young”. Use creativity to show battles between the two and prove who can dance better, move better, laugh better, play better, and so on. This category should show humorous as well as entertaining factor. Use vibrant costumes and props. Any dance form or instrumental performance is allowed. No singing is allowed. Ages: 6-13; Time: 6 min max. Minimum of 4 participants
  • “Romance in Cinema” : Indian cinema is big on romantic songs. Show your creativity in performance on the stage using famous romantic songs from movies. Choose songs with most entertaining value and show different moods of love, passion, ardor, adoration, affection, devotion, attachment. Any dance form and instrumental performance is allowed. Use appropriate costumes and props to show the talent. Ages 14 and above; Time: 6 min max. Minimum of 4 participants
  • “Folk competition” : Folk competition: Choose folk songs from regional languages or from movies and show the Indian folk dances with vibrant colors. Mixing of more than one folk style is allowed. Emphasize on costumes, typical folk dances and props. Age Groups: 8-13 and 14 and up; Time: 6 min max. Minimum of 4 participants
  • “Storytime” : Pick any story from Indian culture and show it in the form of dance drama. The story can be religious, mythical, historical, patriotic or any famous folk lore. Examples: Story of Radha Krishna, Jatayu, Bhagat Singh, Meera, JalyianwalaBaug, Satyagraha, Laila-Majnu, Sohni-Mahiwal, Taj Mahal, Ganesh and Kartikeya etc. or any regional folk story. Show the story with creative props and artistic performance. Movie songs or scenes are allowed. Ages: All ages from 6 and above. Time 10 min max. Minimum of 4 participants

    Program Entry Fee Schedule (per item)

    On time (by 9/9)Late (9/10-9/16)
    Regular Entry $25 $50
    Specific Day Request (Regular Entries Only) $50 $75
    Competition $50 N/A

    The last day to submit entries (without late fees) - September 9th, 2018 (11:59PM)

    Final Day to submit entries (with late fees) - September 16th, 2018 (11:59PM)